Canon XA20 – Test Video: Corporation Park

I invested in a video camera and a bunch of other gear (as my work place didn’t want to!) to start making promotional videos and documentaries for clients.

Opted to go with a Canon XA20 which shoots in Full HD and records in AVCHD, MP4 or Both at the same time.
It’s lightweight and has WIFI capabilities – A useful thing I’ve found is that I can record away from the camera and see the output on my phone or tablet and still have basic controls to the camera from a distance.

I did a test video when I first got it at the local park (See below) – Most of it was done in auto-mode but I just wanted to see the overall quality.  It was shot in 720p MP4 and the quality was pretty decent.

Office 365 – Setup mail forwarding to multiple addresses

I’ve started to setup Microsoft Office 365 for a number of my clients at work.   It’s quite a useful service in which all your email and documents are stored on the cloud and  all your stuff can be managed via a web browser.

Most of my clients have been going for the Exchange Online service see – which only hosts for email (not documents) – It’s pretty cheap for £2.60 a month per user and gives you 50GB of mail storage.  Your mail can be accessed via a browser, outlook client or compatible mobile device keeping everything in sync.

All of the setups i’ve done have been pretty standard and hassle free (for the exception of the .pst migration – but that’s for perhaps another blog post)

I did have a slightly odd request last week however.  A client wanted their mail to be forwarded to two or multiple email addresses.

So for example:  Any email addressed for [email protected] will be forward to [email protected] and [email protected]

I had the following possible solutions.

Possible Solution 1
Go into the users Office 365 Mail Settings and enable the ‘Forwarding’ option ( )

Outcome: FAIL – As this only allows you to forward mail just to one email address.

Possible Solution 2
Create a distribution group and include [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected] (

Outcome: FAIL – The problem here is that [email protected] needs to send as [email protected] too, but that name will have been reserved for the distribution group.

Possible Solution 3
Use a combination of both Solution 1 & 2.

  • First create a distribution group with a name that you don’t intend to use – e.g. [email protected] and only include [email protected] and [email protected] to it.
  • Then go into the Outlook Web Access options (or the Office 365 Admin Setup) for [email protected], enable ‘Forwarding’ and add the address [email protected] to forward all the email to.  Ensure the option ‘Keep a copy of forwarded messages’ is checked.

Outcome: Pass – Remember it doesn’t cost anything extra to create groups in Office 365 so it wont be counted as part of your user limit so that’s cool.

That’s it – I hope this helps anyone that may have come across this problem.  If you think you have a better solution then by all means leave a comment below.


Lailatul Qadr’ – The Night of Power

Well were right into the final third of Ramadhan 1431.  The last ten for me are pretty important as one of these nights is the night of Lailatul Qadr.  Most of us know this by the 27th night of ramadhan, or when the Qur’an is completed during Taraweeh prayers.

The fact is that we dont know on which night Lailatul Qadr actually is. So to conclude it’s the 27th isnt true (Other sources from what i’ve read that it’s the most likely night).  All we know for sure is that it’s on an odd numbered day (21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th).  So I think we should perform our zikar, duas and acts of worship on all of these nights.

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Default Gateway Selector

At work we have two broadband connections, our primary and failover which are connected to invidiual cisco pix firewalls.

Both connections are pretty lame to be honest (as we’re too far from an exchange to recieve high connection speeds) and the costs for T1 or equivalent are are way to pricey to justify.

Anyway, during peak times our primary connection really starts to grind to a halt and as the failover isnt doing anything I could simply connect to the failover and off I go.
This is easily done by updating the the default gateway ip to the failover pix within the networking section of the control panel in windows.  But I wanted to find a much easier and efficent way of doing this (for other members of staff within our department).

A couple of google queries later I discovered the Default Gateway Selector.  It’s no frills and does exactly what it says.
Just launch the utility, update the ip to the DG, apply and your done!

Dont be put off by it’s version (0.1 beta).  I’ve found no problems with it so far.  It comes in both 32 and 64 bit flavours and works in Vista, which means it should work in Windows 7 (I tested it under Windows XP Pro).

It’s free and you can download it from – enjoy.

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